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a record of which fan was given which code you can keep an eye on who is happily listening to your tunes (and, conversely, who has yet. Select the downloadable item from the drop-down, then choose a name to identify that batch of codes. Allow VIPs or fans to receive an event discount by uploading their names and codes into ThunderTix for an upcoming concert discount along with an email blast promoting the event. If none of that works, it could be a conflict with the hosting setup. The codes will download.csv file Comma Separated Values for you curious types so you'll need to open it in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Docs to view it properly. If you have grander designs (literally you are by no means obligated to use our printable template. The third option to select is the couponalign. If you need more codes you can purchase them (at a very reasonable price) right on your Tools page. Please ask on the Coupon Creator Support Forum on WordPress. Depending on the options you make available to your guests, you may allow your patrons to use their memberships for every show or for a limited number of shows, like a Pick 4 Pass.

Can I make a single code that can be used by multiple people? Some print shops have the tech to merge data from a spreadsheet into a template of your own design, allowing you to make drop cards that look however you like, printed on whatever kind of material you prefer. The Coupon Inserter, Image Uploader, the Expiration Date Picker, or the Color Pickers are not working, what is wrong? Create a flex pass event which automatically generates voucher codes for each flex pass subscription purchased. Customers who purchased the deal can go to your website, choose their desired date/time and redeem their Groupon code by entering it on the final checkout page for a full discount, or comp. Barkbox, get One Barkbox for Free. No, you just do this (using code promo masters in time MailChimp) or do this (using ConstantContact). Most internet browsers will allow you to save the page as a PDF. Can I change cctor_coupon in the print view permalink?

Uploaded Coupon Codes updated on 08/26/2018;). Recurring Expiration; set an expiration for the end of the month and have it automatically change to the end of the next month. Manually replace fields in shortcode: couponid replace xx with ID of Coupon custom post couponalign align coupon options: cctor_aligncenter, cctor_alignnone, cctor_alignleft, and cctor_alignright name -optional and for your reference only. Do you still integrate with m?