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common Web site features. ' / adjust this to your needs, If you have configured Gii similarly in your console application configuration, you may also access Gii through command window like the following: # change path to your application's base path cd path/to/AppBasePath # show help information about Gii. You may sort the grid, or filter it by entering filter conditions in the column headers. Found a typo or you think this page needs improvement? You can use IDE features like phpstorms compare with clipboard, Aptana Studio or Eclipse based editor also allows compare with clipboard by using AnyEdit tools plugin for this, which allows you to merge in relevant changes and leave out others that may revert your own. Controller - crud default extension form model module These names are the generator names.

Code promo gii
code promo gii

The following is the list of the files generated by Gii, in case you want to investigate how these features are implemented, or to customize them: Controller: controllers/p Models: models/p and models/p Views: views/country.php Summary In this section, you have learned how to use Gii. Form Generator - This generator generates a view script file that displays a form to collect input for the specified model class. Model Class: Country, next, click on the "Preview" button. ' / adjust this to your needs, Generating an Active Record Class, to use Gii to generate an Active Record class, select the "Model Generator" (by clicking the link on the Gii index page). I can generate table in back hand but when i want to generate model and crude i have show interface of gii. Creating your own generators Open the folder of any generator and you will see two files p and.

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