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certain products so keep your eyes peeled when flicking through any of these. 40 Timeline : Bacon ration cut from 4 to 3 ounces /week. 17397 The Daily Telegraph, reprinted on page 34 of Daily Telegraph Saturday "22 Police Journal 1949 Motor Spirit (Regulation) Act, 1948, The". Contents, first World War, main article: History of the United Kingdom during the First World War. 6, to help the process, ration books were introduced in July 1918 for butter, margarine, lard, meat, and sugar. 23 February 1950: The 1950 general election is fought largely on the issue of rationing.

The UK also imported more than half of its meat, and relied on imported feed to support its domestic meat production. In 1942 numerous children between five and seven years old had become used to wartime restrictions. 25 27 Standard rationing during the Second World War The standard rations tires plus coupons during the Second World War were as follows. Military Anecdotes (1992). Click to Save, get Your Annual Membership for just 199. 380382 Hancock, William Keith; Gowing, Margaret (1975). "Fighting fit: how dietitians tested if Britain would be starved into defeat".