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20c., various styles of the turban have been presented. Me sorprendi la comodidad de la cama y la variedad en el desayuno tipo buf. French hood - ( 16c. Worn with a veil. A 1979 fashion in wool that includes a cuff. Beefeater - The narrow-brimmed hat worn by the British Yeomen of the Guards and Warders of the Tower of London since the 16c. Chaperon ( shap ah ron ) - ( Middle Ages into Renaissance ) Pointed hood ( long point known as liripipe ) with short cape.

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) Bonnet with flat back and a scoop brim that resembles a coal scuttle. Similar versions promo code bingo pop called " Krizia hat, " " bowler."- wimple - ( late 12c., 13c.,. Capote ( ka pote ) - Close fitting bonnet with rigid brim, either of straw or boned into shape. Planters HAT - Worn by sugar planters of Jamaica. Last Doge of Venice ( 1797 ) was conquered by Napoleon. Certificado de Excelencia 2014 y 2015 Tripadvisor El hotel y su restaurante B-Lounge han sido reconocidos con el Certificado de Excelencia Tripadvisor 2015, que se basa en las opiniones de los usuarios y en sus puntuaciones para distinguir este hotel urbano. Pagri - The term for a turban within India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Italian ) A large, dome shaped cap.