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10/29/98 Added Jammon version.0 7/10/98 Added link to Craig Bruce's swiftlink library 7/1/98 Added Commodore Developer Pack - routines for burst loading, fast loading, and REU and mouse routines. 6/03/06 Added m, aka "Frantic Diamonds a minigame by the ever ruling Oliver VieBrooks (aka Six/DLoC with tiny SID routines, block movement, and a bunch of other stuff (aka. Rand2.s A pretty decent pseudo-random number generator, taken from ramtest. Txt Another routine to convert hex/decimal numbers to strings, and vice-versa. NES developers page Contains 6502 code and other interesting info. 7/12/02 Added xip, a program for compressing small (1k) files. Dim4 - executable for dim4. T t, techno, dIM4, Lossless, label, iivii. S 16-bit multiply/divide routines; from Merlin 128 disk.

Not that great of a random sequence, but fine for simple sequences. Have you taken a look at Blahtune yet? I've been working for a while now on Slang, a programming language for the C64, and am now making the betas public. (List of routines at top of file) macro-library. Txt Another routine for reading in numbers from keyboard. 5/1 For those who are curious and/or bored. So I am now with a new ISP, and the fact that you're reading this means that you can now see the updates of the past month! Foot ITA - Juve Cristiano Jr avec les U9 Cristianinho, comme l'appellent les mdias italiens, s'entrane avec les U9 du nouveau club de Papa.