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One last thing, finally, I want to say a huge thank you to all the fantastic nurses and other staff whove looked after me on the Edith Cavell ward at Basildon Hospital and the M4 ward at Addenbrookes in Cambridge. The facilities they had at my local hospital in Basildon could only feed me through my picc line in hospital, but a couple of weeks ago, I was transferred to a specialist hospital in Cambridge that arranges intravenous feeding at home, as well as being. What will happen now Im going home? Now I could walk for miles without any sweat. By using Twitters services you agree to our. Until then, Ill be fed through my veins at home. Before I was treated, I couldnt stay focused on any task for more than five minutes, while my mind is now going a mile a minute with fresh ideas, new blogs and ways to keep busy, which is how it always was before I got. In the interim before I have my surgery, I intend for normal (ish) service to resume. Best selling author, speaker Crohn's fighter. Coupon Kid vs Crohns Disease, basically, I fell very ill around June last year.

The big question will I return to blogging? Every night, I have a bag of liquid food containing 1,000s of calories, vitamins and minerals infused into me helping to build up my strength while allowing my bowels to completely rest. I hope youve enjoyed these little updates from. Ill have nurses coming in every night to set up my feed bags, which take about 14 hours to fully infuse. But one teenager in the.K. You might think Im crazy, as Im still very much in recovery, but hey, Ive learned lifes too short. It looks homely, and smells like code promo dragee anahita the Yankee Candles my mums always burning. So it means Ill be attached from 7pm-9am every day. Hey, it might not be the most efficient way to get where you're going, but at least Cox and Cookney didn't have to contend with rush hour traffic. If all goes to plan, within a couple of months, Ill have surgery to remove the diseased part of my bowel.

Since the train ticket from Sheffield to his home in Essex cost.79 pounds, he saved about 8 pounds. Im not going anywhere. As todays only my first day back among civilisation, I wouldnt want to make too many promises about how much you can expect from me over the coming weeks and months. I was struggling to eat without experiencing pain, my weight had dropped below 7 stone and I barely had the strength to walk the 10 steps from my bedroom to the bathroom without gasping for air.