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sans regrets, ayant une vision de son fils adulte face au tyran juste avant de quitter ce monde. Evil Laugh : Kululu. Spice Up the Subtitles : Funimation's subtitled version does this to both Giroro and "the other" Momoka, but especially the latter, whose (translated) dialogue almost entirely has swearing in it, especially in the second seasonnote Which Funimation decided would be the "third" season. Keroro's includes Tamama, Mois, Pururu and in one episode Karara (in that episode they're all seen together, it doesn't go very well). Basically, the mothership taking our heroes to Earth starts rationing all food and water when its onboard farms fail to produce any crop - our heroes wind up holding it all in for a week when they can't even use the toilet, then desperation forces. See Berserk Button, pretty close above. A later episode involving time travel reveals that teenage Aki looked a lot like Natsumi except for the hair color and the glasses, of course. Of special note is the Garuru Platoon arc, where Giroro is appparently shot down in combat, but later rises from a lake a la EVA-02, and blasts into the captured underground base by ridinarrage OF missiles. Pururu shuts down and blabbers randomly to herself when someone calls her Oba-san. In the English dub, the narrator makes notice of the show recycling the 'multiple of one character' gag, and gets tired. Angol Fear, Mois' cousin, debuted in Soul Calibur IV, but her backstory always referenced Keroro, mentioning Mois, who'd come to Earth after her.

The manga's story turned out differently though. Dark-Skinned Blonde : Mois in human form and Asami. Nerd Glasses : Kululu. Yamato was a kid around Fuyuki's age who befriended a kappa-like creature similar to Keroro, who took he and his friends in many adventures. Alpha Bitch : Natsumi's 'school rival' Imogo Rie.

Events in Volume 17 and Season 7 correct this error. Un vieil expert en arts martiaux, Son Gohan, le trouve quelques mtres de sa capsule, le recueille et le prnomme Son Goku. Older Than They Look : Pururu. In the anime, Joriri joins the Keroro Platoon officially during an episode of the 6th season. Voluntary Shapeshifting : Sumomo and Miruru can all take on human form, while Pururu employs a Class A Pekopon suit only usable by Class A te The Keroro platoon is considered class F, hence why their Pekopon suits are unconvincing. With Giroro as the consort. Les nouvelles musiques cres pour cette srie ont t ensuite totalement retires par la Toei. Dub Name Change : Averted in the released version, but apparently part of Funimation's original plan for this show was to eliminate the last syllable from the aliens' names (Keroro becoming simply Kero) and have Earth be known intergalactically as "Planet Wuss" and humans.

Badass Normal : Natsumi, Aki, Paul, both Momoka's parents. In Episode 9, Kululu watches Aki shower (with ample Toplessness from the Back ).